Cheeseburger Man

This burger didn’t come in a can but he will definitely have to visit the can after eating this hearty-sized meal… OK, I admit that I am suffering from a lack of imagination (and a very childish sense of humor). This picture has been filtering around the internet for about a year now. Whenever I [...]


Cheeseburger in a Can Review – VIDEO

Many people have been doubting if this is real product or just some kind of hoax. Now I can promise you that I am telling you the truth, or I can show you. Below is a video a couple of guys made that I found on YouTube. As you can see he cooks and eats [...]

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How to Cook a Canned Cheeseburger

Cooking a Cheeseburger In A Can is much easier than you or I would think. You cook it in the can! If you don’t believe me then let’s read the directions for ourselves shall we? Simply bring a pot of water to a boil, place the can in the pot and keep it in the [...]