Secrets to Grilling a Burger – VIDEO

With summer time here its time to fire up the grill and start making your own cheeseburgers. Be the King (or Queen) of the backyard barbecue this year by grilling the ultimate hamburger. This video was created by Howcast and provides many simple tips to making your backyard grilling session a success. I’m not sure why re-applying lip liner takes such a prominent role in this film.

Learn more about how to: ,

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2 Responses to “Secrets to Grilling a Burger – VIDEO”

  1. That is Dope says:

    Have you guys seen this?…

    I saw this great post today and it reminded me of a moment of my life….

  2. Yummy says:

    This is hilarious. And now we have “late night cheeseburger” doritos!

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