Try Fitting A 134-pound Cheeseburger Into A Can

This country is clearly the greatest place on Earth. Why? Because when we see something, this first thing we think is, “How can I top that? How can I make one bigger?” In Michigan, home of the once great US auto industry, you will find your average American guys with a burning desire to one [...]

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Exhaust Burger Grill: Cook Cheeseburgers With Exhaust Heat

Well it seems some cutting edge Iranian designers have thought up a great way to make a meal “on the go”. Let me introduce to you (drum roll please), exhaust burger! This new add-on feature to your car’s exhaust pipe brings a new meaning to fast food. Designer’s Quote: Your car exhaust is a barbecue [...]


Cheeseburger in a Can Review – VIDEO

Many people have been doubting if this is real product or just some kind of hoax. Now I can promise you that I am telling you the truth, or I can show you. Below is a video a couple of guys made that I found on YouTube. As you can see he cooks and eats [...]

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How to Cook a Canned Cheeseburger

Cooking a Cheeseburger In A Can is much easier than you or I would think. You cook it in the can! If you don’t believe me then let’s read the directions for ourselves shall we? Simply bring a pot of water to a boil, place the can in the pot and keep it in the [...]


Secrets to Grilling a Burger – VIDEO

With summer time here its time to fire up the grill and start making your own cheeseburgers. Be the King (or Queen) of the backyard barbecue this year by grilling the ultimate hamburger. This video was created by Howcast and provides many simple tips to making your backyard grilling session a success. I’m not sure [...]

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