Cheeseburger in a Can for Sale Online

A lot of people have been asking me how they can buy a Cheeseburger in a can here in the USA. I dropped an email to the company (they are manufactured in Germany – I think) and was told they do not sell to the US. What? A German acting in a prejudice way!?

Cheeseburger in a Can eBay

Buy Cheeseburger in a Can eBayNo worries, I have noticed they seem to be popping up on eBay lately, but they don’t last long. If you can’t wait for Cheeseburger In A Can to make it into the U.S. you can always head on over to eBay, to get your hands on one of the hard-to-get-products in the U.S.! Act now and buy your very own Cheeseburger In A Can for a couple of US dollars. If you are the winner of this prized auction be sure to let us know what you think and if the fast food chains should start thinking about adding this to their menu.

Trekking Burger Amazon

If you prefer to do your online shopping on Amazon then you have a few choices. If you go the the German Amazon site you can find the official trekking mahlzeiten canned cheeseburger.

There are also several novelty canned burgers as well; the Cheese Burger Canned in Paradise. Be aware the this is just a gag gift, it is NOT a real burger in a can. It is partially a ploy to profit from the real canned cheeseburger and a play on the popular Jimmy Buffet song: Cheeseburger in Paradise. Based on the reviews the hamburger inside is completely dried out. I’m not sure why people were opening it up, again, it is a joke gift – not fit for human consumption.

Cheeseburger in a Can Review Videos

Many people have been doubting if this is real product or just some kind of hoax. Now I can promise you that I am telling you the truth, or I can show you. Below is a video a couple of guys made that I found on YouTube. As you can see he cooks and eats the entire Cheeseburger in a can. The surprising part is at the end…he likes it and says he could eat another!

Just to be clear, I have never met those guys and had nothing to do with the creation of this video (this is not part of a conspiracy). And yes, I would happily eat one myself 😉

Canned Bread

The manufacturer’s description says it all: Authentic New England taste of being slow-baked in a traditional brick oven…then shoved into a tin can. OK, I’m sure that’s not the exact manufacturing process but it does conjure up a more accurate visual I would imagine.

Brown Bread in a Can

There exists no other product online or in stores like this one.  This brown bread in a can is in fact an interesting marriage of both breads and dense cakes. Some folks, many from The South, may remember eating this when they were very young (think 1960s and earlier) but interest waned and it faded from the store shelves.  The packaging and shelf life make this the best addition to your long-term storage or prepping needs and provides a tasty option when fresh bread is not available – perfect help for your emergency prep pantry. It should taste as good as the day it was pulled out of the oven and placed in the can.

What is the Shelf Life of Canned Breads?

The date on the can, the “sell by date”, is 3 years.  That does not mean it goes bad after 36 months.  Canning any product should make it last for at least 10 to 15 years if you keep it stored properly in a cool dry place.

What Does Bread from a Can Taste Like?

Heating this product is a must if you want to eat it.  Trying it straight out of the cans and it is a somewhat dry, dense and bland.  When you taste it, you would expect pumpernickel but it does not possess the rich flavor of that type of bread – it has a somewhat sweet molasses taste – sweet over savory.  The bread definitely needs to be toasted with butter or jam/jelly spread on afterwards – maybe even some cream cheese. 

Is Bread in a Can for Real?

Yes, it is real and it has a flavor all its own – you will either love it or hate it. This is the rule in general for products from cans.

Does canned bread contain preservatives?

No artificial preservatives, it does contain salt.  I do not have the specific recipe but the ingredients as list on the can are: Water, Whole Wheat Flour, Molasses, Dextrose, Whole Grain Rye Flour, Whey, Degerminated Yellow Corn Meal, Baking Soda, Buttermilk, Salt, Corn Oil.

Exhaust Burger Grill: Cook Cheeseburgers With Exhaust Heat

Exhaust Burger

Well it seems some cutting edge Iranian designers have thought up a great way to make a meal “on the go”. Let me introduce to you (drum roll please), exhaust burger! This new add-on feature to your car’s exhaust pipe brings a new meaning to fast food.

Designer’s Quote:
Your car exhaust is a barbecue now. Stop the car when you are hungry, install the device to the exhaust and back to drive. You’ll have a hamburger in no time. This way you don’t need fuel for cooking while commuting and a large amount of energy would be saved.

Exhaust Burger DetailsACK! you say? Of course burgers cooked in carbon monoxide taste just as good as, well, a burger cooked in carbon monoxide! Don’t worry, the exhaust grill is designed so that the hot exhaust fumes flow around the enclosed burger, using the heat to cook it to a juicy temperature.

Although, it seems that the burger can only be cooked on one side so be ready to flip that burger at the next stop light! Just watch those bumps or you might lose your lunch…

Now I am all for saving energy, conservation and all that “save the planet” junk but I don’t think I’ll be sticking this thing in my exhaust pipe anytime soon 😉

I Can Has Cheezburger In A Can Too

It’s time that I admit it. I guess this blog really is “behind the times”. It looks like the folks, or should I say Lolcats, at I Can Has Cheezburger got a hold of a cheeseburger in a can over a year ago! It ain’t tuna but it might taste like it!
I Haz Can Cheeseburger

Try Fitting A 134-pound Cheeseburger Into A Can

This country is clearly the greatest place on Earth. Why? Because when we see something, this first thing we think is, “How can I top that? How can I make one bigger?”

Largest Hamburger in the World!

In Michigan, home of the once great US auto industry, you will find your average American guys with a burning desire to one up everyone else and be the biggest and the best at their trade. Like so many before them, they are men on a mission. They are the kind of men who want to accomplish something monumental for God and country. They are the kind of guys who want to leave their mark on the world, leave something for other to marvel at for years to come. These are the kind of men who boldly dared to dream of a cheeseburger the size of a car tire — and so they made one.

With a burger that big you’d think they would include a package of Alka-Seltzer and/or an Angioplasty!

A Michigan sports bar entered the Guinness Book of World Records with the world’s largest burger. It took about 12 hours to prepare and bake this gigantic meal and served on a 50-pound bun! Flipping this massive burger took three men using two steel sheets. Honestly, it looks disgusting especially since the many slices of cheese and tomato were normal sized. Named the “Absolutely Ridiculous Burger”, this ginormous meal needs to be ordered 24 hours in advanced and it’s going to cost you $350!! Well you better be hungry and don’t forget to invite your neighborhood to join you when you order this heaping pile of heart attack!

Secrets to Grilling a Burger – VIDEO

With summer time here its time to fire up the grill and start making your own cheeseburgers. Be the King (or Queen) of the backyard barbecue this year by grilling the ultimate hamburger. This video was created by The Art of Grilling and provides many simple tips to making your backyard grilling session a success. I’m not sure why re-applying lip liner takes such a prominent role in this film.

Cheeseburger Man

This burger didn’t come in a can but he will definitely have to visit the can after eating this hearty-sized meal…

Cheeseburger Man

OK, I admit that I am suffering from a lack of imagination (and a very childish sense of humor). This picture has been floating around the internet for years now. Whenever I am having a bad day at work I take a quick look at this picture and have a cheap laugh. I hope you enjoy as well!