Exhaust Burger Grill: Cook Cheeseburgers With Exhaust Heat

Exhaust Burger

Well it seems some cutting edge Iranian designers have thought up a great way to make a meal “on the go”. Let me introduce to you (drum roll please), exhaust burger! This new add-on feature to your car’s exhaust pipe brings a new meaning to fast food.

Designer’s Quote:
Your car exhaust is a barbecue now. Stop the car when you are hungry, install the device to the exhaust and back to drive. You’ll have a hamburger in no time. This way you don’t need fuel for cooking while commuting and a large amount of energy would be saved.

Exhaust Burger DetailsACK! you say? Of course burgers cooked in carbon monoxide taste just as good as, well, a burger cooked in carbon monoxide! Don’t worry, the exhaust grill is designed so that the hot exhaust fumes flow around the enclosed burger, using the heat to cook it to a juicy temperature.

Although, it seems that the burger can only be cooked on one side so be ready to flip that burger at the next stop light! Just watch those bumps or you might lose your lunch…

Now I am all for saving energy, conservation and all that “save the planet” junk but I don’t think I’ll be sticking this thing in my exhaust pipe anytime soon 😉