Cheeseburger in a Can for Sale Online

A lot of people have been asking me how they can buy a Cheeseburger in a can here in the USA. I dropped an email to the company (they are manufactured in Germany – I think) and was told they do not sell to the US. What? A German acting in a prejudice way!?

Cheeseburger in a Can eBay

Buy Cheeseburger in a Can eBayNo worries, I have noticed they seem to be popping up on eBay lately, but they don’t last long. If you can’t wait for Cheeseburger In A Can to make it into the U.S. you can always head on over to eBay, to get your hands on one of the hard-to-get-products in the U.S.! Act now and buy your very own Cheeseburger In A Can for a couple of US dollars. If you are the winner of this prized auction be sure to let us know what you think and if the fast food chains should start thinking about adding this to their menu.

Trekking Burger Amazon

If you prefer to do your online shopping on Amazon then you have a few choices. If you go the the German Amazon site you can find the official trekking mahlzeiten canned cheeseburger.

There are also several novelty canned burgers as well; the Cheese Burger Canned in Paradise. Be aware the this is just a gag gift, it is NOT a real burger in a can. It is partially a ploy to profit from the real canned cheeseburger and a play on the popular Jimmy Buffet song: Cheeseburger in Paradise. Based on the reviews the hamburger inside is completely dried out. I’m not sure why people were opening it up, again, it is a joke gift – not fit for human consumption.

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