Try Fitting A 134-pound Cheeseburger Into A Can

This country is clearly the greatest place on Earth. Why? Because when we see something, this first thing we think is, “How can I top that? How can I make one bigger?”

Largest Hamburger in the World!

In Michigan, home of the once great US auto industry, you will find your average American guys with a burning desire to one up everyone else and be the biggest and the best at their trade. Like so many before them, they are men on a mission. They are the kind of men who want to accomplish something monumental for God and country. They are the kind of guys who want to leave their mark on the world, leave something for other to marvel at for years to come. These are the kind of men who boldly dared to dream of a cheeseburger the size of a car tire — and so they made one.

With a burger that big you’d think they would include a package of Alka-Seltzer and/or an Angioplasty!

A Michigan sports bar entered the Guinness Book of World Records with the world’s largest burger. It took about 12 hours to prepare and bake this gigantic meal and served on a 50-pound bun! Flipping this massive burger took three men using two steel sheets. Honestly, it looks disgusting especially since the many slices of cheese and tomato were normal sized. Named the “Absolutely Ridiculous Burger”, this ginormous meal needs to be ordered 24 hours in advanced and it’s going to cost you $350!! Well you better be hungry and don’t forget to invite your neighborhood to join you when you order this heaping pile of heart attack!